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EFMT was created to help people get rid of their pain, find mobility and prevent injury. Repetitive stress injuries can strike whether you work all week at a desk, if you are in the gym every day, or you're somewhere in between. We'll assess the root of your pain and treat it through a combination of therapeutic massage and trigger point therapy. EFMT is different because we know you won't come in every session with the same pain. We'll reassess before each session and customize your pain relief.

NICOLE YUE is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Illinois with more than 12 years in the field. She is certified in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Hot Stone massage and is completing her Trigger Point Therapy certification. She is passionate about helping clients understand the root of their pain. She is a former runner, having completed one marathon and two half-marathons, and has competed in a natural bodybuilding competition.

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Services are customized to your needs. Do you need to have pain addressed? Let's do some trigger point work and deep tissue. Would you rather just lay down and feel relaxed? Let's go with a Swedish massage. Your treatment is in my hands, at your request.


Therapeutic Massage techniques to soothe your body and mind. Using pure Jojoba oil, we'll apply customized pressure to melt your muscles and lull you into a sense of relaxation and security. Swedish or Deep Tissue, that's up to you!


If you've had massage for pain that feels better only temporarily, you may have trigger points! These tender spots in the muscle can produce 'referred pain,' or pain that originates somewhere else. I'll listen to you describe your discomfort and treat acute points that can be causing your referred pain.

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What Clients Say About EFMT

Nicole at EFMT did an outstanding job of alleviating some chronic elbow pain I had from training.  The pain persisted for well over six months, was bad enough I could not train that arm equally and it did not respond to DIY stretching routines or other solutions I could find online. Nicole did her own research and dug in (literally) to find the muscle imbalance and tightness that was causing the problem.  Two sessions later and the pain is gone and I can train normally again for the first time in nearly a year.   I can’t recommend Nicole enough-her knowledge, attitude and skills are top notch.




Located Inside of JAC Gym

111 Adell Street

Elmhurst, IL 60126

Call or Text: 309.945.5095

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